Mystery Revealed, Laura’s Love Revealed the Cause of Shy Azka Corbuzier

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1NEWS – Azka Corbuzier reveals why she is shy in front of the camera. It turns out that according to his confession this is related to language. He feels less confident when speaking Indonesian. Not if you speak English. Even though Azka was born and raised in Indonesia, you know.

He revealed this when filling out video content on Cinta Laura Kiehl’s PUELLA ID YouTube channel. At first, Cinta asked why Azka looked shy even though her life was not far from the camera’s spotlight. Azka herself is a YouTuber who is quite diligent in creating content.

“Actually, if I (speak) English, I’m not ashamed. But because I can’t speak Indonesian very well, I’m more (shy),” said the only son of Deddy Corbuzier and Kalina Oktarani.

Cinta Laura then asked Azka’s opinion about language which is believed to affect a person’s personality. He set an example of himself. When he spoke in English he became a totally different person than when he spoke Indonesian.

“Yes, because there is a study that a second language (makes) less self-confident,” said Azka with a bubbly accent.

However, compared to being a child, Azka Corbuzier admits that he is now more confident. Not as shy as before. The change, said Azka, was influenced by the caring nature that he currently has.

“That’s probably because I’m more growing. I’m 15 (years) now. Actually than before I care more what am I like now,” said Azka.

The language barrier seems to be a challenge for Azka Corbuzier to realize her dream of becoming an actor. Love then encourages Azka. He said that when he was an artist, his Indonesian language was bad. Now he says it’s better.

“(I want to be) an actor. But my Indonesian is bad,” he admitted. “If I can do it, you can do it too,” Cinta Laura encouraged Azka Corbuzier.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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