Netizens Criticize STAYC’s Yoon Hairstylist For This | Kpop Chart

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Hairstyles are one of the most important aspects of idols’ attention, especially their appearance when they are about to or are promoting their newest song comeback.

Recently, one of the STAYC members, Yoon, caught the attention of South Korean netizens because of the hairstyle he used for his comeback song and latest album, titled ‘STEREOTYPE’.

Yoon’s hair looks cut in layers with a bright green color at the ends of the hair. Meanwhile, Yoon’s bangs are colored with bright yellow.

This drew criticism from South Korean netizens for STAYC’s hairdressers who experimented too much with STAYC’s appearance, especially Yoon.

“Why do they keep trying to give him weird hairstyles? Why don’t they just make it look pretty?”,

“Don’t do weird things just because her face is so pretty”

“She has the weirdest hairstyle among female idols I’ve ever seen”,

“STAYC members are all very pretty, but their style is always too experimental..”,

“Her makeup is beautiful, her face is very beautiful but her hairstyle doesn’t match her face”,

“From the hair to the clothes, it looks messy”, and various other criticisms.

How do you feel after seeing Yoon STAYC’s latest appearance? (1NEWS)

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