Often Gets Julid’s Comments About His Physical Problems, Lesti Kejora Responds With This Innuendo…

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Often Gets Julid's Comments About His Physical Problems, Lesti Kejora Responds With This Innuendo…

Lesti Kejora (YouTube/Edited by 1NEWS)

The name Lesti Kejora has been a hot topic of discussion for some time. His figure became even more excited when he finally married his lover, Rizky Billar.

But in the midst of skyrocketing popularity, Lesti certainly had the same fate as other celebrities who did not escape the spicy fingers of haters and other netizens. Lesti herself never looked serious in responding to the malicious comments of netizens who came.

The reason behind his silence was finally revealed. Lesti conveyed her response about the julid netizens while talking on the YouTube channel Success Before 30. At first, Lesti was asked about netizens who easily commented sarcastically about her.

“Netizens like julid, especially on Instagram, it’s easy to write a sentence that hurts, doesn’t it hurt Grandfather to read like that?” asked Chandra Putra Negara.

Lesti did not deny that these comments made her feel hurt. Billar’s wife thought the feeling came naturally.

“It must hurt, it’s human, but if you’re older, you’re just really stupid,” replied Lesti.

Lesti realized that there were a lot of malicious comments about her, one of which was physical. But Lesti has a strong reason behind this indifferent attitude. Lesti explained how her time had run out to take care of other things in her life so she didn’t have time to respond to netizens’ oblique chatter.

“Because in the first place, grandpa taking care of his own life is already a hassle,” said Lesti.

“Dedek has a life, there are many things that Dedek must solve rather than Dedek taking care of people who say ‘why is he ugly, why is he like this’,” he continued.

Not only that, Lesti also has the principle that ignoring haters is one of the things that builds her mentality to become a successful person.

“Because if for example our mentality has fallen just because of talk like that, how do we want to be successful, get what we want,” he said.

Lesti emphasized that heartache would only waste the time she had. Even so, Lesti did not deny that netizen comments had been made down. But he chose to occupy himself with the positive and forget about the bad comments.

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