Ojol Gets a Fictitious Order of Rp. 1 Million, Buyers Even Laugh Admitting to Deliberately Cheating | 1NEWS

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Angry Netizens

The story of the ojol who got a fictitious order immediately made netizens furious. Some demanded that the customer be investigated and reported to the authorities.

Report it to the police on the basis of a fraud case, can that be,” said @ctr_waskitho.

It’s really bad people like that hopefully get the right reward,” say @mochamaddebby_hia.

It’s a pity that these days it’s hard to find money and even being cheated like this. ,” said @echa1994.

If the Gojek driver can claim it, Min, but even though it can be claimed, I think cs like that must be taken firmly so that it doesn’t happen again,” say @alipoetra_sekawan.

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