Olla Ramlan and her husband who are rumored to be apart . Clarification

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Marriage Rumored Tenuous, Olla Ramlan:

Olla Ramlan’s household relationship with her husband has recently become a topic of discussion. The reason is that their relationship is rumored to be not good until it is tenuous. Olla Ramlan’s husband, Aufar Hutapea, was also highlighted.

There are several things that make this issue growing. One of them was Olla’s attitude that suddenly changed the name of the Instagram account by deleting the name of her husband, from @ollaramlanaufar to @ollaramlan.

The public is also wondering. Not wanting to drag on, related to this, Olla tried to clarify.

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Clarification of the Relationship between Olla Ramlan and the Rumored Husband

Olla Ramlan’s Clarification

In an event hosted by Feni Rose, Olla tried to clarify the outstanding issues. Olla responded quite casually.

“How come the Aufar was deleted?” asked Feni Rose (25/08), launching Voice.

“Yes, it’s okay, right, my name is Olla Ramlan, (deleted) to keep it short,” answered Olla Ramlan with a laugh.

In addition, Olla also added that she could put her husband’s name back in the future. “For example, if you want to install it, just plug it in, if you want to take it off, just take it off,” said Olla Ramlan casually.

Olla said that her husband’s renaming of her account was known. Even so, Aufar did not feel angry.

“You know, you know, it’s normal not to be angry (Aufar),” he said again.

On the other hand, Olla also emphasized that his communication with Aufar is still going well. Olla is still reluctant to reveal further about the problem with her husband.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim is fine,” answered Olla Ramlan briefly.

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Olla Ramlan and Husband Are Allegedly Throwing Status at Each Other on Social Media

Marriage Rumored Tenuous, Olla Ramlan:

Before the issue of changing the name of the Instagram account, there was another issue that made their relationship rumored to be tenuous. The two are suspected of throwing statuses at each other regarding marital relations.

“Marry a woman who when there is a problem runs to God, not another man,” wrote Aufar Hutapea in one of the uploads.

“Just smile,” said Olla Ramlan in an Instagram Story not long after.

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Nindy Ayunda’s name was dragged

The name of the beautiful actress who is also a close friend of Olla, namely Nindy Ayunda, was also dragged away. His conversation about Olla circulated in the audience.

In the conversation, it was as if Olla became the party with another lover, which made the atmosphere even more complicated. Regarding this, Nindy emphasized that the conversations circulating were only fragments of incomplete sentences.

“I haven’t heard until now, yes, but the information I got was fragments of sentences. Fragments of conversation,” said Nindy, launching Voice.

He also confirmed that the recording was not intact. This is what makes a mistake, as if he was badmouthing Olla.

“So that if we are looking for something, it should be fully heard. So that we know why this conversation, like this, can’t be, ‘uh, he’s like this, huh’, we can’t use it immediately,” he said.

Surrendering Everything to the Creator

Marriage Rumored Tension, Olla Ramlan:

When asked further about her future relationship with her husband, Olla answered wisely. He left all matters to the Creator.

“In that case, I don’t know what the future will look like. God willing, we will see the best,” he said.

Olla also emphasized that there was nothing wrong with his household with Aufar. Even so, he did not want to be arrogant or arrogant about his household.

“Everything, right, the secret of God. I don’t want to be too arrogant, right,” said Olla Ramlan again.

That is the clarification regarding Olla Ramlan’s relationship with her husband, Aufar Hutapea. Let’s just pray for the best, okay?

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