OMEGA X Makes First Comeback Since Debut With ‘What’s Goin’ On’ | Kpop Chart

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OMEGA X has officially returned with their latest song, ‘What’s Goin’ On’ which is the main track of the album titled ‘What’s Goin’ On’.

Right on this day, September 6, 2021, OMEGA X released the music video for the song ‘What’s Goin’ On’ as its comeback song.

‘What’s Goin’ On’ is the first single album from OMEGA X which is also their first comeback song since their debut in June 2021.

OMEGA X itself is a boy group made by SPIRE Entertainment which consists of 11 talented men, namely Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan.

Immediately, we watch the comeback MV from OMEGA X with ‘What’s Goin’ On’ below! (1NEWS)

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