One by One the Marriage Requirements Are Fulfilled by Ivan Gunawan, Ayu Ting Ting boasts that he will soon formalize the relationship, now learn from each other’s habits?

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It is no longer a secret, the closeness of Ivan Gunawan and Ayu Ting Ting has always been in the spotlight. Even Ivan Gunawan is said to be secretly trying to fulfill the marriage requirements given by Ayu Ting Ting.

The two of them often brag about wanting to start a household together as husband and wife. It seems that this will soon be realized when Ayu Ting Ting visits Ivan Gunawan’s new house.

The man who is often called Igun has even received a dowry of IDR 5 billion from the singer. Not sure if the two of them will actually go up the aisle or not, but what is clear is that the two lovebirds are really sticky like envelopes and stamps.

As it is known that Igun is renovating his new house, he also does not forget to invite Ayu to come and have a look at his all-black and white house.

Ayu’s eyes immediately lit up, she never stopped praising the interior of Igun’s residence. “We are now in A Igun’s new house, it’s good, it’s crazy,” said Ayu, quoted from Youtube Qiss You TV, Sunday (5/9/2021).

The designer then led Ayu into all the rooms in his residence. Igun and Ayu arrived on the 2nd floor, which was focused on the rest and relaxing room.

Ayu had time to wonder about the sturdy round table that Igun placed in the middle of the room. It turned out that the table was deliberately placed there as a decoration as well as placing a large flower which became Igun’s hobby.

The singer of the song ‘Geboy Mujaer’ has memorized Igun’s characteristics in arranging the contents of the room. “What is this, what is this table for here? is it in the middle like this? flowers, that’s for sure,” said Ayu.

“Yes, in the middle there is a big flower,” said Igun. He also candidly revealed the favorite decorations of the super duper megastar which were not far from flowers, paintings, and displays.

“Igun’s trademark is that he likes big flowers, paintings and displays, that’s Ivan Gunawan, I know, I know,” added the singer.


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