PA 212 expects Jokowi to be in power easily for 3 periods because he feels successful with his tyranny!

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Deputy Secretary General of DPP PA 212, Novel Bamukmin.  Photo: St.

Deputy Secretary General (Wasekjen) of the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212, Novel Bamukmin also spoke about the issue that has recently been hotly discussed by the public regarding the discourse of President Jokowi’s position for three terms.

Novel Bamukmin admitted that he could not understand the issue of the addition of the presidential term.

With the discourse, he also said that President Jokowi seemed to feel proud and successful with the injustice he had committed.

That is why Novel suspects that Jokowi feels it is right if he chooses to increase his term of office to three terms.

“Feeling successful with his tyranny, (Jokowi) is suspected of now taking a three-term step,” said Novel Bamukmin, quoted by Hops from Genpi on Monday, September 6, 2021.

Deputy Secretary General of DPP PA 212, Novel Bamukmin. Photo: St. | PA 212 assumes that Jokowi will easily rule for 3 periods because he feels successful with his injustice

Furthermore, Novel also expressed his prediction that President Jokowi already has strong enough power because the seven major parties have formed a coalition and are close together.

So it is not something difficult if President Jokowi wants to smooth out the three terms of office.

“This is expected to be easy to score three periods,” he said.

The novel predicts there will be a big movement from the people

Novel explained, if the discourse happened later, people in all regions would be angry and take to the streets to carry out various protests.

Moreover, the PA 212 frontman still believes that in the 2019 Election Jokowi should be declared defeated.

However, in various ways his party was recognized as a victory by the state.

“However, then he cheated based on the Supreme Court’s decision because of his blind greed and justified all means,” he said.

As previously known, the Presidential Special Staff for Communications, Fadjroel Rachman, has said that Jokowi will not hold office for three terms.

“As we stated earlier, President Joko Widodo upholds the constitution of the 1945 Constitution and respects the 1998 reform agenda,” he said.

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