Pangi Chaniago: I Demo If There Are Additional Positions…

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1NEWS – Political observer Pangi Syarwi Chaniago suspects that the PPHN discourse to amend the 45th Constitution is driven by interests.

“So the entrance is an amendment. The question is who can guarantee that no one will ride with other interests,” said Pangi Syarwi Chaniago in the DPR RI area, Monday (6/9).

According to the Executive Director of the Voxpol Center for Research and Consulting, he said he was worried because no one could guarantee that the amendment discourse would not spread anywhere.

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“If there is a fishy smell now, there is a fragrant smell. The smell of PPHN so that the state has a strong direction and DPD. The fishy smell of a three-term office,” he explained.

“Who can guarantee that you won’t go there? Sorry, the Omnibus Law, the Minerba Law, at first they were said to be too hallucinatory, but it turned out to be so,” Pangi said.

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The man who is familiarly called Ipang admitted that he did not agree with the amendments to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

“Well, we don’t want that to happen,” he said.

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The Minang-blooded man said he would protest and take to the streets if there was an additional presidential term.


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