Persita Evaluation Ahead of Persib’s Second Match in League 1 | 1NEWS

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Persita Tangerang is scheduled to play Persib Bandung in the second match of Liga 1 2021/22 on 11 September. Therefore, the Cisadane Warriors team focused on preparing and fixing deficiencies.

Persita coach, Widodo C. Putro assesses that there are important things that must be improved, namely the matter of passing and when to pass. This greatly affects the pattern of the team’s game that leads to the final settlement.

“Obviously, teamwork must be improved. Especially about timing and through passing, which still have to be honed to fit the speed. Not too fast and not too slow either,” said Widodo C. Putro.

Widodo does not want Persita to be lulled by the victory in the inaugural match over Persipura Jayapura. Irsyad Maulana et al, must be vigilant because Persib is studded with stars and also successfully won the first match over Barito Putera.

Persita also began to analyze Persib matches. Classroom sessions were also held as an additional menu of the training program to hone the tactical skills of the players.

“In this session, it is in the form of theory and analysis of the opponent’s ability that we can use as capital for improvement. This improvement means that it also includes analyzing what things the opponent will do in the next match, “Widodo said.

The exciting match for the second week of BRI Liga 1 2021-2022 between Persita Tangerang vs Persib Bandung will be played on Saturday (11/09/21) at 20:30 WIB and broadcast live by Indosiar.


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