Pregnant Again, Even Hate to See Husband’s Face? It can happen and this is the explanation

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Have you ever heard a friend’s story or a grapevine from right to left, about the experience of someone who when pregnant even became annoyed and hate to see husband alone? Believe it or not, this can happen. Some even say that just smelling the scent of her husband’s body irritates her. In fact, the husband had taken a bath and used perfume as usual. Well, how can that be?

Apparently, this unique thing has an explanation lo. Reported from Romper’s page, a psychologist named Dr. Judith M. Thorne of Doctor On Demand said this phenomenon is common and very likely to happen. Because when you are pregnant, a woman’s body changes drastically and her hormones become very volatile. For more, see the reviews Hipwee Young Mom the following yes!

Dr. Judith M. Thorne revealed drastic changes and hormonal fluctuations that trigger women to be extra sensitive during pregnancy. Not to mention added other pregnancy symptoms

Nausea, backache, constipation, complete duh! – Credit:

Lucky for you, maybe when you are pregnant, you barely feel any significant complaints. The reason is, many women claim to have experienced extraordinary periods of pregnancy full of struggles rollercoaster. Not only being extra sensitive due to hormonal fluctuations, Dr. Judith M. Thorne also revealed that other pregnancy symptoms such as shortness of breath, back pain, severe nausea and hemorrhoids can trigger pregnant women to be more irritable and impatient and even irritated with their husbands. Hmm~

According to Dr. Judith M. Thorne also, pregnant women also often experience a kind of frustration and ‘jealousy’ because they see their partner can eat and move comfortably without nausea and acute fatigue.

Duh, far away Yang! – Credit:

This may not be realized, but in addition to pregnancy symptoms and hormones, the feeling of frustration because watching your partner can move smoothly and comfortably and not experience the same suffering (no need to pee every 5 minutes!) gives you a feeling of great irritation.

Sharing your body with your unborn baby can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be very stressful at times. Don’t let it drag on!

Don’t let it drag on! – Credit:

Talking to a health expert, such as a gynecologist or psychologist, can help provide enlightenment and solutions for you and your partner. Don’t let the unexplained annoyance that peaks during pregnancy actually stretch your relationship with your husband. The husband is also expected to be patient in dealing with the wife’s uncontrollable situation like this. Give full support so that the wife’s feelings do not develop into baby blues even post-partum depression.

angry and annoyed with husband during pregnancy it can happen and is normal. But that doesn’t mean, it can be an excuse to act arbitrarily and actually hurt your husband’s feelings, right? If you experience something like this, don’t hesitate to immediately seek medical help so that the best solution can be found, OK!


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