Princess Diana Often Uses These 3 Clever Tricks to Outsmart the Paparazi

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1NEWS Princess Diana is called the most photographed woman in the world. Wherever he goes, photographers follow him to document his every move. Diana is often disturbed by this act of paparazzi. To overcome this, Diana has a few tricks.

Princess Diana always wears the same shirt

In the past, Diana’s photos had a very high value. Diana has a trick to reduce the value of her photos. According to her former fitness trainer, Jenni Rivett, Diana often shows up to the gym wearing the same t-shirt. “Every session, paparazzi camp outside with their cameras and lenses. I remember one of Diana’s strategies was that she wore the same Virgin Active T-shirt for every session,” Rivett told Hello!.

Because they often wear the same shirt, Diana’s photos look similar to each other even though they were taken on different days. This made Diana’s photo drop in price in the market.

Princess Diana With Her Back To The Camera While Walking

Princess Diana has another trick to outsmart the paparazzi. Diana often got out of the car and turned her back on the photographer who was waiting nearby. He, then, walks backwards and constantly looks away from the camera. This was done to ensure that his face was not taken by photographers.

Princess Diana often covers the cleavage

Paparazi can be cruel at times, especially when photographing female celebrities. Topless photos or other inappropriate photos often appear which of course embarrass the subject of the photo. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, Diana often held her purse over her chest every time she got out of the car. Especially when she was wearing a low cut dress. This prevents the photographer from snapping her cleavage and avoids unnecessary scandal.

Writer Hutapea Binsar

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