Republic of Ireland vs Serbia Prediction, Group A Qualification Towards the 2022 World Cup

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1NEWS – The public had time to wonder why the 2022 World Cup Qualification event this time was very close together. Of course this will be quite risky, especially for clubs that donate many players to the national team. Because the risk of injury seems to be very wide considering the qualifying event this time has a very tight schedule.

Even if it is calculated, the countries participating in the qualifiers will play three matches in just 10 days. Of course this had raised a lot of criticism and suggestions from world football observers some time ago. But until now, match after match will continue to run according to the schedule released by FIFA.

Despite all the dilemmas that exist, the qualifying event will still be as exciting as the previous periods. Almost all groups are fairly evenly distributed in the Qatar World Cup qualifying event this time. But if you ask which group is the most fun to watch, the answer is group A. The reason is that in group A there are two teams that still have the potential to overtake each other to fill ranks 1 and 2.

Earlier this week the leaders of Group A, namely Serbia, will play week four against the Republic of Ireland squad. Although Ireland is currently in a slump, it does not make him afraid in the fight against Serbia. For those who are interested in seeing the Republic of Ireland vs Serbia battle, online slot agent scheduled this party to be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, at 01.45 WIB in the morning.

Serbia will definitely rely on Luka Jovic who is on fire

Fingering to the squad Serbia Of course, there is a Luka Jovic who never ceases to amaze the public. In this case, Luka Jovic is still capable as in previous years showing an attractive performance for his beloved country Serbia. Even though in Madrid Jovic still had very few opportunities, but in the Serbian national team it was a different story.

Luka Jovic usually takes advantage of moments when defending Serbia to prove his capacity to the ranks of Madrid coaches. The reason is this is Jovic’s opportunity to show off and assert that he can become Karim Benzema’s main competitor.

Currently, Luka Jovic has been the most contributing player in Serbia in his last two matches. In the current World Cup qualifying event, Luka Jovic seems to have used it very well to score goals and assists. This young and stocky Serbian player is expected to continue to look great during the Republic of Ireland vs Serbia match. It could be that Luka Jovic will score again when he meets the Republic of Ireland earlier this week.

Republic of Ireland Threatened to Sink

Ireland which is currently still slumped at the bottom of the board seems reluctant to lose against Serbia. Therefore, Ireland will strive to make great efforts by relying on the effectiveness of its attacking ranks.

It seems that the Republic of Ireland will appear to defend total and not do too many attacks going forward. Maximizing existing opportunities will be the main weapon for the Republic of Ireland squad earlier this week.

However, the public is currently assessing that the Republic of Ireland will face a tough week in the fourth match of Group A. In fact, most of the public also believes that Ireland will be in danger of sinking further if it cannot appear attractive earlier this week.

Republic of Ireland vs Serbia Score Prediction 08 September 2021

Regarding the score prediction, of course Serbia as the leader of the standings will be much more favored than Ireland. Because Serbia itself is also in a pretty good performance, especially in the third and fourth weeks yesterday. The prediction for the Republic of Ireland vs Serbia match is likely to be more crowded, which supports Serbia reaching full numbers with a score of 1-2.

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