Sad, this Pedicab driver’s grandfather was cheated by his passengers, even though it was only the first day of work after recovering from illness – 1NEWS

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Unfortunate fate befell an old man who works as a bentor (motor rickshaw) driver in Medan, North Sumatra. Unexpectedly, he even became a victim of his own passenger fraud.

Reporting from an upload on the TikTok account @ulfamei06, a grandfather complete with a black helmet and jacket looks confused. His gaze was fixed on the road as if waiting for something. It was later discovered that the grandfather was named Abdul Aziz.

Behind the camera is the voice of a man who is calling someone to ask for help while explaining the chronology of his work. The man said the grandfather had been tricked by his passenger.

“Apparently this father was duped, taken by his rickshaw. It was the passengers who took them away,” said the man.

What made it even more sad was that the 75-year-old grandfather had just been hospitalized. However, instead of resting, this grandfather returned to work the day after the IV was removed. But unfortunately, he was cheated instead.

As a result of this work, Grandpa couldn’t sleep all night and always checked outside the house, hoping that the rickshaw would come back but it never came.

A number of netizens who felt sorry for Abdul Aziz’s fate also suggested uploading videos to raise donations and the proposal was granted.

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