Saipul Jamil Starts Existing Again, KPI Hopes Broadcasting Institutions Don’t Open Traumatized Victims of Sexual Harassment – Latest Celeb News

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The crowds of people who refused to return Saipul Jamil to appear on television made the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) also comment. The head of the Central KPI, Agung Suprio, asked every television station to be careful when broadcasting material to the public.

Indeed, after being released from Cipinang Prison, East Jakarta, last Thursday (2/9), Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband did a roadshow on several television stations.

Therefore, KPI asks all broadcasters not to amplify and glorify (enlarge by repeating, make the impression of celebrating) the Saipul Jamil incident.

“We ask that what is experienced by artists or public figures can be conveyed carefully and oriented to public education,” said Agung Suprio, Monday (6/9).

It is hoped that such incidents will not be repeated by KPI and that the legal sanctions that have been carried out will not be perceived as ordinary risks.

“We hope that broadcasters understand the sensitivity and ethics of the public to the cases that have happened to them,” he concluded.

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