Similar in Indonesia, English Fourth Caste Club Fans Protest to Occupy the Field

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“In Indonesia, the referee is angry. This one has a logical and consistent reason.”

1NEWS – Disappointment, anger, frustration, even excessive love, and several other intersecting emotions can encourage humans to take actions that if they think are unnatural.

Let’s take the example of the fans of Oldham Athletic, the fourth tier club in English football.

Hundreds of Oldham fans with peaked feelings burst onto the pitch, they did this to forget their emotions because their favorite team was trailing 0-3 to Barrow.

Yes, the match which took place on Saturday (4/2021) night local time was still not over, but the Oldham fans seemed unable to stand seeing their players incompetent.

10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s ex who likes to show off his sexiness

Like it or not, the referee and the match committee had to stop the game.

Why Do Oldham Fans Protest?

Similar actions have also occurred in Indonesian football, one of which was in 2018, where the fans alias supporters from PSIM Yogyakarta went berserk and stormed the field, the cause was the referee’s decision which was considered favorable or in favor of PS Tira Bogor.

But the motive carried by the Oldham fans is far more dignified, their action in occupying the Boundary Park stadium field is a form of protest against the incompetence of the club owner: Abdallah Mohamed Lemsagam.

In the last three and a half years under the Lemsagams, Oldham have suffered from late payments, the threat of a player strike and successive relegation to the fourth tier.

And this protest is not the first time they have done it, during the last five home games, Oldham fans have made various efforts as a form of protest against the club owner.

For example in the Carabao Cup win over Accrington Stanley, fans reacted by throwing tennis balls and flares onto the court.

Fans also often boycott matches and often display banners calling for them.

And against Barrow, the reason for the protest became even stronger when Oldham lost, hundreds of fans blew the whistle in unison from the stands, and then occupied the field in the middle of the game.

Demanding Change of Club Owner

Nearly 3,000 fans have signed a petition urging owner and chairman Abdallah Lemsagam to sell the club for an immediate change of management, of course in hopes of improvement.

Most likely if their aspirations are not heard and realized, the fans will continue to carry out a series of protests.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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