Starting to be left out at AC Milan, Romagnoli asks to be sold to Lazio

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1NEWS AC Milan defender Alessio Romagnoli was recently reported to have urged the Rossoneri management to give his blessing and sell him to Lazio in the January 2022 winter market. Because the player wants more playing time.

Romagnolis Early Career

Long before defending AC Milan, Alessio Romagnoli started his football career in Rome. The defender who is now 26 years old is a youth football academy dropout belonging to Rome. Even his debut also occurred with the squad I Lupi.

In the early days of his career, the defender had defended the greatness of the Capital Wolves for three seasons. It’s just that one season passed with Sampdoria on loan. Until in 2015 the player was finally brought to the San Siro by AC Milan.

Alessio Romagnoli’s togetherness with AC Milan is indeed quite intimate since his debut with AC Milan until last season. However, starting from the last eight months his fate turned one hundred and eighty degrees.

Had been the team captain in the Rossoneri squad, now Romagnoli is only a spare tire on the bench. This situation occurred after the player lost to Fikayo Tomori and Simon Kjaer in the same position.

Despite being a genuine product of the football academy and having also played for Roma for several seasons, Alessio Romagnoli is not a supporter of this team. Since childhood he was a Laziale which is the name for Lazio fans. So that the next career destination in mind is Lazio.

Ask for Sale to Lazio

The 2021/2022 season has entered the final season in Alessio Romagnoli’s contract with AC Milan. There has been a lot of speculation about his future with AC Milan in recent months.

The 26-year-old defender is rumored to be leaving the Rossoneri squad in the middle of next season. This news was previously reported by La Republica, where Romagnoli wants to move to Lazio which is his dream team since childhood.

Romagnoli himself reportedly has expressed his desire recently. Even the player has urged the management of AC Milan to smooth his desire and not give him a hitch when the transfer window opens.

Lazio need a new defender

Still sourced from ride88 According to the same report, Lazio, which is now led by Maurizio Sarri, is reportedly also looking for a new defender. Le Aquile want to further deepen their squad to increase competitiveness.

For now, Lazio already has several names such as Luiz Felipe, Stefan Radu, and also Patrick. However, Luiz Felipe has an injury-prone problem. Meanwhile, Stefan Radu is considered to be getting old, and Patrick can’t really be relied on to guard the defensive line.

With the adaptation of Sarri’s 4-3-3 playing scheme, Romagnoli is the ideal figure needed by the current Biancocelesti squad. Alessio Romagnoli would certainly be delighted to be joining Lazio. So that next winter AC Milan must immediately release him to Lazio. Otherwise the player is willing to wait until the end of the season and leave for free.

AC Milan is of course not stupid, because it will be a loss if the player is actually released for free at the end of his playing contract later. For that parting in the middle of the season seems to be the right moment for their farewell. For now, AC Milan has not set a price for the player. But in the past Romagnoli was bought from AS Roma for 25 million euros and it is predicted that the price will drop due to the effects of the pandemic.

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