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Stres di tempat kerja

1NEWS Stress is a psychological reaction that arises because of pressure, threats, or changes to something. Stress can cause physical complaints, such as heart palpitations, difficulty concentrating, irritability, headaches or even thrush and itching.

While career and work are an important part of life. But it is also often a source of stress. The causes of stress in the workplace, generally include;

  • Long working hours
  • Too many or heavy office tasks
  • Changes in organizational structure
  • Short work deadlines
  • Uncomfortable work environment
  • Monotonous and boring work
  • Lack of self-ability in the field of work undertaken
  • Poor social relations with co-workers and superiors
  • Minimal work equipment
  • Low salary and financial problems

Understanding how to relieve stress at work can certainly help you feel calmer and happier at work, as well as boost your productivity. Quoted from the page allodokter, the following are tips to solve it based on the type of problem.

Focus on problem solving

This strategy is used if the problems encountered can still be controlled, such as piling deadlines, presentations in front of the leadership, differences of opinion with colleagues, low work productivity, or similar problems. To work around this, you can do a few things here:

  • Communicate the problems you face with the parties concerned or authorized, such as leaders, colleagues, or HRD.
  • Too perfectionist will increase your stress levels. So try to set realistic standards at work.
  • Even if all the tasks feel important, keep them in order of priority to avoid procrastination, help with timing, and make you more focused.
  • It’s okay to feel irritated or angry at the situation, but immediately return the focus of your mind to improve the situation.
  • Look for troubleshooting options that are relevant and with the least risk.

Focus on yourself

This strategy is used when the problem at hand is beyond your control. For example, scathing comments from superiors, other people’s opinions about how you work, busy working hours, and other things that you can’t change. To work around this, do the following:

  • Take time to rest, for example by walking to another room, chatting with coworkers, or relaxing in between work.
  • Take up a hobby or enjoy quality time with family or close friends on the weekends.
  • Tell the problem you are facing with a partner or friend you can trust. That way, your burden will feel less.
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