Surprised that there are people who are fans of Saipul Jamil, netizens: Sick, GWS!

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Saipul Jamil.  Photo Source: YouTube

The singer Saipul Jamil has been released from prison some time ago. But after being released, it seems that the public is against Saipul Jamil to appear again on TV. They considered that a perpetrator of a sexual crime should not be given more space, especially in a public space such as a TV. However, there are still a few people who still encourage Saipul Jamil when he gets a lot of blasphemy, they are his fans.

Although currently Saipul Jamil is being blasphemed by many people, Saipul Jamil fans continue to support their idol. At least that’s what one of the Saipul Jamil fanbase Instagram accounts, @saipul_jamil_fc looks like. It is seen that the account continues to provide support to Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband.

They continue to share photos and videos where Bang Ipul is in it, accompanied by captions showing support. However, the Saipul Jamil fan account cannot be separated from what is called public blasphemy. This can be seen from the comments column of some of the account’s uploads.

Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: YouTube

One of the uploads filled with blasphemy was when the account shared a portrait of Saipul Jamil in front of a framed photo of Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora. Bang Ipul is seen taking a selfie and wearing a blue after.

Morning ALL. Good morning all LoveUpuLL friends,” wrote the account in the upload caption, quoted by Hops.ID, Monday 6 September 2021.

Seeing the upload, a number of netizens then gave scathing comments to Saipul Jamil fans and also the fanbase account. Many netizens wonder why Saipul Jamil fans like Saipul Jamil.

In fact, the singer of the song Ratu Hatiku has sexually abused minors. A number of netizens labeled those who were crazy about Bang Ipul as stressed or sick. Not a few also commented to pray that the Saipul Jamil fans would soon ‘get well’.

Saipul Jamil fans got blasphemed.  Photo: Instagram
Saipul Jamil fans get blasphemed. Photo: Instagram

Stress,” said the account @jus***.

Getwellsoon for the fans,” wrote @del***.

Sick,” said @yul***.

His fans and idols are both sick!” commented the account @hud***.

For those of you who defend Ipul, you also make things that are prohibited become commonplace, then there will be no deterrent effect for the perpetrators and pity for the victims., said the account @ari***.

Why is pedophilia praised?,” said @arj***.

CAB*L PEOPLE DO YOU LIKE THIS? PROUD OF YOU LIKE PEOPLE LIKE THIS? STRESS,” said the netizen with the @ved*** account.

GWS for the fans,” said @nshi***.

Maybe there are big fans,” wrote the account @Ter***.

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