The Cause of People Bitten by Mosquitoes: Not Because of Sweet Blood!

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The Cause of Mosquito Bites People Are More Often Bitten: Not Because of Sweet Blood!

Some people tend to be bitten by mosquitoes more often than others. Parents You may have heard of this tendency because the person’s blood is sweeter which attracts mosquitoes. However, is it true?

Possible Parents Have you ever felt that mosquitoes bite you more often than anyone else? There is a scientific reason for that. There are various factors that attract mosquitoes to bite you compared to other people. Here are some of them, as quoted from Healthline and the Conversation.

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Causes People Are More Often Bitten By Mosquitoes Than Others

High Carbon Dioxide Can Attract Mosquitoes

We all emit carbon dioxide when we breathe. And we will produce more CO2 when the body is more active, such as during exercise.

Mosquitoes can detect changes in carbon dioxide in their environment. Studies have shown that different mosquito species can respond to carbon dioxide differently.

The increase in carbon dioxide can attract mosquitoes, and signal that a potential host is nearby. The mosquitoes will then move towards the area.

Bitten by Mosquitoes due to body odor

The Cause of Mosquito Bites People Are More Often Bitten: Not Because of Sweet Blood!

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain compounds present in human skin and sweat. This compound gives us a certain smell that attracts mosquitoes in.

Several different compounds have been identified as attractive to mosquitoes. Some that you may be familiar with include lactic acid and ammonia.

Researchers are still investigating the causes of variations in body odor that make certain people more attractive to mosquitoes. Causes can include genetics, certain bacteria on the skin, or a combination of the two.

Our own body odor is determined by genetics. If you come into contact with someone who is frequently bitten by mosquitoes, you may be more susceptible as well. A study published in 2015 found that mosquitoes are particularly attracted to the smell of identical twins’ hands.

Skin bacteria also play a role in body odor. A 2011 study found that people with high microbial diversity on their skin were less attractive to mosquitoes.

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Mosquitoes are more attracted to black & dark colors

Research has shown that mosquitoes are attracted to the color black, but not much is known why. Regardless, if you wear black or other dark colors, you may be more attractive to mosquitoes.

Hot Body Temperature

Our bodies generate heat, and the moisture content close to our skin can vary depending on the surrounding temperature.

When a mosquito approaches us, it can detect heat and moisture. These two factors can make us bitten by mosquitoes. One study found that mosquitoes moved toward a nearby heat source that was at the temperature the mosquito desired.

Alcohol Consumption Is a Factor We Are Often Bitten by Mosquitoes

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A small 2002 study looked at the effect of alcohol consumption on mosquito attractiveness. The researchers found that people who drank beer were more attractive to mosquitoes than people who didn’t.

Mosquitoes are more attracted to pregnant women

Studies have shown that mosquitoes seem to be more attracted to pregnant women than non-pregnant women. This may be because pregnant women have a high body temperature and emit more carbon dioxide.

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Bitten by Mosquitoes Because Sweet Blood Is a Myth

bitten by a mosquito

It’s hard to know where this myth started. This myth is believed to be possible because some insects are known to be pollinators and are attracted to nectar and plant juices (which are usually sweet). However, mosquitoes are a different matter.

Mosquitoes do have a tendency to bite certain people. However, it has nothing to do with a person’s blood sugar levels.

Now you know why some people have a tendency to be bitten by mosquitoes more often than others.

Don’t worry, we have many choices of ways to repel mosquitoes, for example using mosquito coils, spray and electric mosquito repellent, killing mosquitoes with a racket, to using anti-mosquito lotion.

I hope it’s useful, Parents.

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