The Chinese Government Bans Male Celebrities with Feminine Style on Television, This is the Reaction of Korean Netizens | Kpop Chart

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Not only making rules for fandom, the Chinese government also makes new rules for male celebrities who appear on television.

Recently, the Chinese government has banned a Jimin BTS fanbase on Weibo, for raising funds to put Jimin’s birthday banner on JejuAir planes.

Now based on a new rule, the Chinese government prohibits male celebrities or idols from appearing in a feminine style on television or other media.

This certainly attracts a lot of attention from international netizens, one of which is from among Korean netizens, as many male idols use feminine concepts when appearing on television.

Various comments from Korean netizens when responding to the news on the Wikitree Instagram account:

“Wow, isn’t this a social setback?”

“We need to be careful to stay alert to subtle forms of incitement like this.”

“I can’t say anything,”

“Then why don’t you guys also punish female celebrities who look masculine in China?”

“So what do you want us to do about this?” and various other pro and con comments.

What do you think about the new rules implemented by the Chinese government? (1NEWS)

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