The Reason Tyna Kanna Sues For Divorce Remembers Mirdad Still Questionable, Nana Mirdad Admits His Family Still Gets With Tyna

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Suing for Divorce Remembers One-sidedly, Nana Mirdad Admits Disappointed with Tyna Kanna's Attitude

Tyna Kanna and Nana Mirdad (Instagram/nanamirdad_)

The family is considered too meddling with the divorce of Kenang Mirdad and Tyna Kanna. Many even thought that the Mirdad family had deliberately badmouthed Tyna on social media.

But Nana Mirdad has quickly straightened out the news. This brother, Kenang Mirdad, does not want to interfere in his sister’s household affairs. Even if you and your family comment on social media about Kenang, they are only limited to defending family members.

“In that case (Tyna Kanna’s divorce lawsuit against Kenang Mirdad) I can only say, whatever we want, whatever it is, the family (Kenang and Tyna) know better what the problem is,” said Nana Mirdad, quoting from YouTube Cumicumi.

“So try to trace it again, from our post there is nothing that vilifies Tynna. Absolutely nothing,” said Nana Mirdad added.

According to Nana Mirdad, about Naysila Mirdad and Lydia Kandou talking about Kenang Mirdad on social media, according to her, only as a form of support and defense for Kenang against all untrue issues.

“But what we are talking about is a form of our support. That Kenang is not what people say,” added Nana Mirdad.

“I think all families, brothers, sisters, mama, we have the right to defend if any of our family is said to be untrue. Actually that’s the case, when it comes to Kenang and Tyna’s household, we don’t interfere. That’s Tyna’s decision, go ahead,” said Nana Mirdad.

As far as Nana Mirdad knows, about the divorce lawsuit, Tyna Kanna has not spoken to her extended family. Even though the family knows about the household problems.

“There is no discussion with me, maybe because I’m in Bali. If it’s with mom, dad, Nay, even now, papa probably doesn’t know. I mean, I haven’t heard directly from Tyna,” said Nana Mirdad.

“It’s the same with mom, if I’m not mistaken at that time, I had the chance to meet. I just don’t know either. Only thing is clear, if the discussion about what happened, maybe it’s already happened.

Nana Mirdad also confirmed that Kenang Mirdad and Tyna Kanna were still living together. Moreover, what he knows, Kenang really wants to maintain his household.

“Because as far as I know, for him (Kenang) the family is number one, yes. Surely he is trying desperately to maintain it. I hope the best for all of you. I hope my sister is calm, so that she can get out of this problem quickly , said Nana Mirdad.

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