The results of the Task Force Inspection to the Antigen Rapid Test Clinic in Gilimanuk – 1NEWS

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beritabali/ist/Task Inspection Results to the Antigen Rapid Test Clinic in Gilimanuk.

The Covid-19 Task Force and Deputy Regent of Jembrana I Gede Ngurah Patriana Krisna carried out a surprise inspection of a number of rapid test service clinics in the Gilimanuk Port area, Melaya Jembrana Monday (06/09/2021).
This inspection is to ensure the implementation of the standard cost of the rapid antigen test issued by the government. From the results of the inspection, Deputy Regent Patriana Krisna ensured that all rapid test clinics at the Gilimanuk port had complied with the standard rapid test fee of Rp. 85,000 to Rp. 99,000.

“I and the Jembrana Covid-19 task force carried out checks at the Gilimanuk port. By targeting a number of rapid antigen test service clinics for travelers who will cross to the island of Java. In accordance with the circular that the cost of the rapid antigen test is a minimum of 85 thousand and a maximum of 99 thousand,” he explained.

Deputy Regent Patriana hopes that the decrease in the price of this rapid test can ease the cost burden for travellers. In addition, it can increase the number of tourist visits to Bali.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Jembrana Health Office, dr. I Gusti Bagus Ketut Oka Parwatha said, the results of the inspections we carried out together with the Covid-19 task force and the Deputy Regent have shown that all clinics have implemented the standard fees set by the government.

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