This 97-year-old grandfather vents while crying on the side of the road because his body is no longer strong enough to work even though he still has to pay boarding fees – 1NEWS

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A video showing a 97-year-old grandfather begging on the street has gone viral on the TikTok network. The old man could only hope for people’s mercy because he was squeezed in arrears on his boarding house and physically unable to work anymore.

The video was shared by the TikTok celebrity through the @steven.stenleyy account, which is known to often upload videos about his charity activities.

There are two parts of the uploaded video about Pak Min (Grandpa’s greeting in the video) which has gone viral and has been watched millions of times.

The man named Steven initially approached Mr. Min and asked about the eyes of the grandfather who was sitting near the traffic light. Mr. Min replied that his eyes had been like that for a long time.

The man in the white long-sleeved shirt also had time to change Pak Min’s mask, which seemed to have not been replaced for some time.

“I want to buy you something at the shop. What do you want to eat? What do you want to buy, cake?” asked Steven.

However, Mr. Min did not ask to buy anything, he only needed money to pay for his boarding house which had been in arrears for two months.

“My boarding house has not been able to pay for 2 months. If you are expelled, where will you live?” Answer Mr. Min.

Hearing Pak Min’s emotional story, Steven also seemed to give some money until Pak Min burst into tears.

This grandfather from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, was forced to wander on the road because he was no longer strong enough to do physical work at the age of 97 years. He was just resigned to hope there was a sincere person to help.

“The sincere brother, I hope you have a long life like Mr. Min. Mr. Min is already 97, Mas. Just waiting for my time,” said Mr. Min in a trembling voice.

Instantly the video full of emotion received a response from netizens. Some cried, some suggested opening donations for Mr. Min.

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