This Boy Group and Girl Group Are Called the ‘Leader’ of the Fourth Generation of K-Pop Idols! | Kpop Chart

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Every year, not a few South Korean idols, either as a solo or a group, make their debut.

Among the dozens of groups, there are several idol groups who are considered the ‘leaders’ for the fourth generation of idols.

Through voting by young people, here are 3 boy groups and 3 girl groups that got the top votes as groups that represent the current generation of K-Pop.

For the boy group category, The Boyz took the lead with 33.5% of votes, followed by TXT with 32.4% in second place and Stray Kids in third with 15.5%.

Meanwhile, for the girl group category, 46.2% of the votes were dominated by AESPA, followed by STAYC with 22.9% and ITZY with 15.4%.

Do you agree with the voting results above, or have your own list for idol groups that represent the fourth generation of K-Pop idols? Let’s write in the comments column! (1NEWS)

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