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  • Share – Believe it or not, family support, especially parents’ prayers, is the main ‘capital’ in starting something to achieve a dream.

But alas, what this man experienced was the opposite. He did not get full support from his family when he wanted to realize his dream, to become a member of the Police.

via: merdeka.comThe man before registering with the Police had worked in a franchise shop

It is the difficult economic situation, which brings its own doubts for the family. And because of that, they weren’t sure if he would be able to pass the selection without charge.

“My own family said, what are you doing registering, you don’t even have money, it’s hard to eat,” the man recounted his journey through his personal TikTok account, @novatanuw_.


But the man was not discouraged. Even though he did not have family support, he remained steadfast in registering for the National Police, until his struggle finally paid off. He passed the selection and on March 6 2018, he was inaugurated as a member of the National Police.

His success in realizing a dream that was once felt difficult and even impossible was greeted with joy by the family. Especially his father, the only person who supported him.


Now, this inspirational man has expanded his duties as a member of the West Java Regional Police, as reported by

Meanwhile, at the end of his uploaded video, the man left a message to all generations of the nation who have similar living conditions but are determined to become a police officer, “You are great you can! Don’t ever think that the police list costs hundreds of millions of dollars.”

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