This Ojol Driver Haru Moments Lunch While Accompanied By His Wife Via Video Call – 1NEWS

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The ways in which each person seeks personal happiness vary. Some are luxurious, some are simple. Just like this ojol driver (online motorcycle taxi) who enjoys his happiness even though it is simple.

The romantic story was uploaded by the @viralkak account on Instagram on Wednesday (18/8). In the video, a motorcycle taxi driver is seen enjoying his meal. However, in fact he is not alone. Apparently, his wife also accompanied him to eat from the other side.

This was done by motorcycle taxi drivers not without reason. After being investigated, it turned out that the male motorcycle taxi driver was involved in a long distance relationship (LDR) with his wife who lived in the village, while he was wandering in Jakarta.

“I was so touched to see his father, so the story was that he was eating at a warteg owned by my brother, then ate together while vc with his wife,” wrote the recorder in the video description.

This viral video has successfully made netizens envious who saw it. A number of netizens also tagged their partners in the comments column to do the same.

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