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Make Healthy Fried Food, Want to Know How?

Dream – Fried foods are dishes that are liked by the Indonesian people and all walks of life. The fillings are very diverse, such as tempeh, tofu, banana, and many more.

Usually, it is coated with seasoned flour and then deep-fried. Very delicious when eaten warm as a friend to drink tea or coffee. The taste is indeed delicious, but we should not eat fried too often.

The reason is, excessive oil content in fried foods can trigger a series of health problems. If you want to eat fried food, it’s better to make your own at home than to buy it.

Make a healthier version of fried foods. How do you do that? Let’s see.

Use new oil
When frying, try to use new oil. Do not use used oil that is old, especially one that has blackened. Used oil no longer has nutrients and is at risk of being a source of cholesterol. For that make sure to always use new oil when making fried foods.

Maintain oil temperature
Maintaining the temperature of the oil and not changing it is a great way to make food healthier. If the oil is not hot enough, the food will absorb more oil.

If the oil is too hot, it can cause the food to burn. It can also make food unhealthy and unpalatable. In addition to using this method, make sure that the cooked fried foods are drained and then placed on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. This method can remove excess oil content in it.

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