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Amalia Mustika Ratu or Amel and Tuti Suhartini

The police revealed that the suspicion of Tuti Amel’s killer had narrowed down, but the investigators were very careful to uncover this case. The police also revealed the reasons why they called back and forth for key witnesses in the killings that took place on 18 August. Police say the killer of Tuti Amel will be announced in the near future.

The Head of Public Relations of the West Java Police, Kombes Erdi A Chaniago, said that investigators were continuing to work hard to uncover this case. He gave a signal that in the near future the killers of Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika Ratu or Amel would be announced to the public.

Tuti Amel’s killer has shrunk

Kombes Erdi said investigators became increasingly suspicious in the process of collecting evidence from witness examination. Investigators found the witness’ testimony, why did he jump here and there, so that the investigators called back and forth to call witnesses to clarify and dig up further information.

Amalia Mustika Ratu or Amel and Tuti Suhartini. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

“Indeed, we have now narrowed down to several people we have suspected, but yes, we are not pursuing confessions,” said Kombes Erdi, quoted from Okezone, Monday, September 6, 2021.

He highlighted the testimony of witnesses who differ in their confessions and are convoluted. That’s why investigators dug up this inconsistent testimony.

According to him, investigators are careful in processing witness statements, whether they are fabricated or based on facts.

“There are convoluted information, so we continue to dig,” he said.

Professional killer

Previously, Kombes Erdi revealed that Tuti Amel’s killer was a professional, able to hide the traces that led to him.

“Yeah, so this is it. I will convey from the results of the processing of the crime scene, we saw that the perpetrator was very professional. So to determine who the culprit is, we are very careful,” said Erdi, quoted by Hops.id, Monday, September 6, 2021.

Subang Police Chief, AKBP Sumarni, interrogates Yosef Hidayah
Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni questioned Yosef Hidayah. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

Furthermore, the police, he said, would also be careful in the investigation process. So far, the police themselves have carried out several important steps, such as conventional and digital steps.

On that occasion, he also denied that the police encountered difficulties in the case. This also breaks the opinion of many netizens who have been following the development of the case since almost 3 weeks ago.

“Yeah, actually there’s no problem. But this is related to the problem of proof that we do it carefully. There are stages that we must do carefully. The point is we will find the perpetrators,” he said.

Regarding the investigation time of up to 3 weeks, the police, he said, did find allegations, suspicions gradually when conducting conventional and digital investigations.

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