Video: Surprising Hoax News Ariel NOAH Dies in a Deadly Accident

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Ariel Noah. (Instagram/@arielnoah)

1NEWS – The entertainment world was shocked by the news that Ariel NOAH died in a fatal accident. The news can be confirmed as a hoax or not true.

The news that Ariel NOAH died in a fatal accident was shared by a Facebook account named Amanda. This account shares links to articles that report the death of Luna Maya’s ex-lover.

The hoax article was entitled “Innalallah Condolence News…!! ARIEL NOAH conveys the news of Death, Due to a Deadly Accident?”.

Not only that, the article also uses a thumbnail photo of Ariel’s child, Allea Anata Irham, crying at the funeral. Allea Anata Irham was seen crying in Sophia Latjuba’s arms.

Check out the full video explanation regarding the hoax news that Ariel NOAH died.


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