Viral story of a woman giving birth to an old-faced baby, it’s a pity for netizens

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A woman suddenly went viral for giving birth to an old-looking baby. Unlike babies in general, the baby looks already has a wrinkled face.

As quoted from the Mirror, the 20-year-old African woman gave birth to her baby girl last month. But unfortunately he had to get unpleasant news about his newborn baby.

The baby is said to have Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome. It is a rare genetic disorder that causes young children to look like their parents.

The baby’s face was then widely uploaded on social media and has now gone viral. Sadly, not a few netizens gave sarcasm after seeing the baby’s face and called it looking like an old woman.

Local media have reported that the woman gave birth to her child at her home in the small town of Libode in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. The baby’s grandmother then immediately called an ambulance after her daughter gave birth and went to the hospital.

“We were told there that he was disabled. I noticed during his birth that there was something strange about him. He wasn’t crying and breathing through his ribs. I was shocked because it was weird. Now I hear that people are talking about his name. have a way, I will put them all in jail,” explained the grandmother.


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