Zulmi Noor, Son of the former Probolinggo Regent who was entangled in the KPK OTT, is expected to take part in the 2024 Regional Head Election – Boombastis

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Pilkada is getting closer, political contestation is getting hotter every day. Especially from the young politicians who are starting to show their fangs. And did not rule out the young politicians will occupy positions. Because basically everyone has the same opportunity.

Well, one of the young politicians who is being widely discussed is Zulmi Noor Hasani. The son of the former regent of Probolinggo is rumored to be running for the next election. With the case that ensnared his parents, how is he now? Let’s not be curious to see the following review.

The son of the former Probolinggo Regent who is expected to run for the regional head election

Some time ago there were rumors about Zulmi Noor Hasani, the son of the former regent of Probolinggo who was said to be running for the 2024 Pilkada. This was inseparable from several billboards with pictures of him that were often found on the streets of Probolinggo.

Billboards of Zulmi Noor Hasani [sumber gambar]

Not to mention, Zulmi has been known to participate in important agendas and is close to the Nasdem party. But the father did not give any comment about it. If it is true that his son will advance in the next regional election, the political dynasty will continue there. However, there is still no official information so it is still uncertain.

Zulmi also started a political career

The son of the former regent of Probolinggo, actually started his own political career. This is evident from several activities in which he has an important role in it. One of them is the giving of gifts to pregnant women which was carried out on August 27 yesterday.

Starting a political career [sumbar gambar]

Not only that, as the Director of the Hasan Foundation Probolinggo signed a cooperation in the economic field, witnessed by members of the board of the Probolinggo cooperative. Zulmi has also conducted several political safaris and it is possible that the Nasdem party will carry it. Because some of these activities have made many people speculate that he will run for the election.

Parents caught in OTT KPK

But unfortunately, Zulmi’s parents were entangled in the Hand Catch Operation (OTT) carried out by the KPK. Yes, Puput Tantriana, the former regent of Probolinggo and her husband, should be arrested for being involved in the case of buying and selling positions. The existence of a vacant position makes them sell it for Rp. 20 million to each ASN who wants to occupy it.

OTT KPK [sumber gambar]

Finally, what they were doing was caught by the KPK, both of them were later arrested. This arrest is also due to the many reports from residents. From the OTT that had been carried out, evidence was found in the form of money amounting to Rp. 362,500,000 from the sale and purchase of positions that ensnared them.

Zulmi’s house is finally checked

For the case that happened to his parents, apparently Zulmi was also affected. Some time ago, his two houses had to be searched for evidence. Reporting from the Detik page, for approximately 4 hours Zulmi’s house had to be searched by armed officers. After that, the officer came out with a suitcase and a safe.

Home checked [sumber gambar]

It is estimated that there are important documents related to the case of Zulmi’s parents in the suitcase. Before Zulmi, it turned out that the officers had searched the house belonging to her sister, Dini Rahmawati. This search may not have anything to do with Zulmi, but only looking for evidence for the case of her parents.

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Until now there is still no certainty whether Zulmi will wrestle in the footsteps of her parents into the world of politics. However, one thing is certain whether he enters or not, but his parents will not be able to accompany him. Yes, because Puput Tantriana and her husband had to serve the sentence because of this case.

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