10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

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signs of death

Humans are bound to be faced with death. However, the coming of death cannot be predicted by anyone except the Creator. However, there are some signs that are believed to be signs of death and a person is getting closer to death.

10 Signs of Death

Not many know, these are the signs of death that theAsianparent has summarized.

1. Skin Color Changes

One that is very visible when people are nearing death is the color of their skin changes. The point here is not a change in skin color due to sunburn, but the skin color looks unhealthy and there are spots on the surface of the skin. The spots that appear on the surface of the skin are usually greenish red in color.

2. Decreased body temperature, a sign of death

signs of death

A sign that the next death is approaching is a drop in body temperature. Normally, humans have a body temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and to the touch feels a little warm. This is a sign that blood circulation is smooth and vital organs are still functioning properly.

However, at the time of death, the body temperature drops drastically because the blood is not well distributed and there is a reduction in physical activity. Usually, the body will feel slightly cold to the touch and pale in color.

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3. Lazy to do social activities

Not Many Know, 10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

One of the signs that death is approaching is laziness in social activities, even just to say hello or joke with other people. Most people who are about to die prefer to be alone and withdraw from the environment. This is due to their diminishing energy and they want to spend their time very well.

4. Lots of Sleep, Including Signs of Death

signs of death

People who are nearing death are more likely to fall asleep. This is because the blood flow in the brain is reduced, making the person sleepy. In addition, energy is also much reduced so that the body of the person who will die is very weak to move.

5. Decreased Appetite

Not Many Know, 10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

In addition to sleeping a lot, another sign of death is a reduced appetite and thirst. This condition is related to decreased physical activity so that they do not need a lot of food and drink to carry out activities like normal people.

6. Pain in Multiple Points

Not Many Know, 10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

The appearance of pain in several points of the body or the appearance of pressure sores can also be a sign of approaching death. Decubitus sores appear as a result of too much pressure at a point.

This sign can be seen by the appearance of red spots on the bones. To reduce the pain that is getting worse, the family can change positions and ask how the position can make the patient or sufferer feel comfortable.

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7. Difficulty Breathing, The Most Common Sign of Death

signs of death

Difficulty breathing is a common symptom that is often experienced by people who are about to die. Launching from the site Hello Healthy, The breath of a dying person has an irregular breathing pattern. Sometimes the breath can be very fast and deep, but at one time the breath sounds slow and short.

8. Hallucinating

Not Many Know, 10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

Another sign of death is starting to often hallucinate. Hallucinations can be in the form of seeing himself being picked up by an angel, being invited by a dear relative who has died, many wild animals approaching and many others.

Hallucinations near death usually occur due to decreased cerebral blood flow. Decreased blood flow in the brain makes people who are about to die experience decreased consciousness and become dazed.

9. Restless

Not Many Know, 10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

Even though the performance of the brain decreases when approaching death, the brain will still function actively, especially during the dying phase. However, someone who is about to die will be very restless and not aware of what is happening.

10. Changing Patterns of Urination

Not Many Know, 10 Signs of Death and Characteristics of People Wanting to Die

This sign occurs because people who will die consume less food and drink so that the amount of excretory substances decreases. The color of urine also changes to become like rust due to reduced intake of fluids that enter the body. Even when the person stops eating and drinking altogether, they may not urinate completely.


Those are signs of death that can be a sign that someone is getting closer to death. Therefore, every human being should increase his good deeds before the sign must be faced.

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