7 Natural and Effective Ways to Heal Varicose Veins

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Do you know what varicose veins are? Yep, varicose veins are dilation of veins due to a buildup of blood. Varicose veins are characterized by swollen and prominent veins that are purple or dark blue in color. This time we will discuss 7 natural and effective ways to cure varicose veins. Is there any way? Check out the full details below!

1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can actually cure varicose veins, you know! How come? Because regular exercise can push out the blood that has accumulated in the varicose veins. What are the best sports to cure varicose veins naturally? Actually any exercise can, but according to health experts, there are some light exercises that are effective in eliminating varicose veins, namely swimming, cycling, and yoga. Which is your favorite sport?

If you don’t have time to exercise regularly, then an alternative is to keep moving, whether it’s going to the market, working, or maybe cleaning the house. The important thing is that you often walk so that blood circulation is smooth and eliminates varicose veins. But the most effective way is to exercise one of the three types above on a regular basis, yes!

2. Consumption of Foods with Certain Content

In addition to exercising and moving your body, it turns out that eating foods with certain ingredients can also help heal varicose veins naturally, you know! What’s the content? There are approximately 3 types, namely flavonoids, potassium, and fiber. Let’s discuss one by one!

Eating foods that contain flavonoids can increase blood circulation so that blood continues to flow and does not pool in blood vessels. In addition, flavonoids can also reduce blood pressure in the arteries and relax blood vessels which can heal varicose veins. Some examples of foods that contain flavonoids are garlic, cocoa beans, oranges, grapes, cherries, apples, blueberries, bell peppers, spinach, and broccoli.

Then the next important content is potassium or potassium, have you ever heard of it? Well, potassium is one of the mineral content that is important for the human body because it can launch blocked fluids in the body, including blood in varicose veins. Foods that contain potassium include almonds, potatoes, salmon, tuna, and green vegetables.

Then don’t forget to eat fibrous foods that can maintain healthy blood vessels. Some examples of high-fiber foods are nuts, seeds, and oats. In addition, there are several types of herbal ingredients that can relieve varicose veins such as: rutoside, gotu kola, and grape seed extract.

3. Olive Oil Therapy

In the third to fifth list, we will explain about therapies that can be carried out on the outer layer of varicose veins by applying it to the skin instead of consuming it! Well, on the third list there is olive oil therapy.

Olive oil is famous for its various benefits that are good for the human body. If we discuss varicose veins, then olive oil therapy by applying it to the varicose veins can reduce blood clots and improve blood flow. That’s because olive oil is anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory and increases blood flow in the veins. Perform olive oil therapy 2 times a day for at least 2 months by first heating the olive oil and pouring it into a bowl, then applying it to the varicose veins.

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