92nd Anniversary Tumpengan, PSIM Yogyakarta Floods of Support and Prayers from Legend | 1NEWS

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The community of former PSIM Yogyakarta players who are members of PSIM Legend held a gathering at the Mandala Krida Stadium, Sunday (5/9/21) yesterday afternoon.

In a simple manner and applying the health protocol (prokes), former PSIM employees across generations handed over the cone to management as a form of moral support.

Before carrying out the limited friendship activities that were packaged in a friendly match against the DIY Regional Government, all participants carried out a Genose test to ensure their health condition. The obligation to wear a mask when not playing and maintain a distance is also enforced.

The chairman of PSIM Legend, Siswadi Gancis, said that in the agenda of celebrating the 92nd anniversary, his party officially supports the team’s progress this season. They hope that Laskar Mataram will be able to fight optimally in League 2 and get a promotion ticket to League 1.

“We hand over this symbol of gratitude to PSIM management as a form of moral support for the team this season. We hope that this year PSIM can repeat the 1992 achievement, qualify for the top league,” said Gancis, who is also PSIM’s legendary goalkeeper.

Not only that, PSIM Legend also made a real contribution to support the club’s progress by cooperating with the sale of the 92nd Anniversary jersey, initiated by PSIM Legend with Pagarbesi apparel.

PSIM Yogyakarta will get a royalty of 30 percent from each pair of jerseys sold to the public in this sales campaign.

“For now about 100 jerseys have been sold, and the hope will continue to roll over the next year. We cooperate in the form of royalties for PSIM. Hopefully it can help, although maybe not much,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Putra, Business Manager of PSIM, appreciates the support of the legends ahead of Liga 2 2021. He is very helpful and will certainly motivate the team to work more optimally to realize the dream of Laskar Mataram.

“We are very grateful for the support provided. Hopefully this year PSIM can be maximized and realize our hopes together to be able to excel and become professionals,” he said.


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