Amanda Manopo Hangs Out Relaxing, Her Purple Bag Makes ‘Gemes’ | 1NEWS

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Manager’s Message to Netizens About Amanda Manopo’s Photoshoot: Please be a little smart!!!

Dream – The recent photo shoot of Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka made netizens excited. For the sake of the needs of the photo session, the two soap opera actors must act professionally by posing intimately like a couple.

Not only her intimate style, netizens also highlighted Amanda’s pose which revealed parts of her body so that it was clearly visible.

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Seeing the excitement of the results of the photo shoot, Amanda’s manager, Ricco Ricardo, gave the facts behind the photo shoot.

According to Ricco, the photo shoot conducted by Amanda and Arya Saloka was in accordance with the style director who was on location.

“For good and virtuous netizens, don’t follow your opinion. All the work is done with fashion and style of shooting,” said Ricco in an insta story that specifically gave three without being excited in the upload.

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