Boyongan to Jakarta, Bali United Brings 30 Players and Luxury Bus | 1NEWS

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Bali United will bring 30 players to Jakarta on Thursday (09/09/21). Stefano Cugurra Teco’s squad will last until early October to maximize the implementation of health protocols.

Bali United became the team that took the time to return to the Island of the Gods after appearing in the opening match, 27 August 2021. At that time, Bali United chose to go home while waiting for the evaluation of Liga 1.

Now, League 1 has been allowed to continue. The first series which lasted until the sixth week was concentrated in the area around DKI Jakarta. Each team was just waiting for the venue on the D-2 match.

This certainty makes Bali United will bring the group to Jakarta. Although the distance between matches allowed the team to return to Bali, Serdadu Tridatu made sure to stay in Jakarta.

“The concept of the League 1 competition is a semi-bubble. All activities are centered in Jakarta. So, we stay in Jakarta until the first series is over,” said Bali United manager, Michael Gerald.

Furthermore, Michael said, the decision to stay in Jakarta made the implementation of health protocols more optimal. All players, coaches and staff are not allowed to leave the hotel, except for training and matches.

“All disciplines run the process so that League 1 runs smoothly until it is finished,” said Michael.

However, in the group, Bali United has not included new foreign players. Bali United Media Officer Alexander Mahaputra said the player had not yet arrived in Indonesia.

“Still waiting for the Visa to go to Indonesia,” said Alex.

Before the team departed via air, the team’s equipment was first transported to Jakarta. This equipment will be brought to Jakarta by a luxury bus owned by Bali United, Monday (06/09/21) night.


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