Iwan Fals About “Pun Aku” Album: Self Reflection and His Thoughts

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Iwan Fals About Album "me too": Self-Reflection and His Thoughts on the World He Lives

Photo: doc. Three Signs.

Iwan Fals, the figure of himself is conveyed through the tone and voice on his new album, me too. The album, which was completed in 2021, is a reflection of him, the fruit of his thoughts and responses to the world he lives in. Interact with many young artists who have a high awareness of living together and side by side.

Talking About Iwan Fals

“I’ve written a lot of songs about people like ‘Bento’, ‘Si Budi’, and ‘Oemar Bakri’. Then for the family to write songs about ‘Galang Rambu Anarchy’, ‘Cikal’, ‘Raya’, ‘Rosana’ or big figures like ‘Willy’, ‘Bung Hatta’ and many more. Maybe it’s time for me to write an album for myself, be an album me too this,” said Om Iwan (Fals), who entrusted the music production to Cikal Sign and Lafa Pratomo.

Album me too it’s so personal. It starts with the song ‘Pun’ and ends with the song ‘Aku’. The people involved in the album me too this comes from close friends and relatives. People next to the heart, a term used by Rambu Cikal to involve people in the creative process of music production.

Raya Rambu Rabbani, Cikal’s youngest sister, also filled the drums on this album. An old jet black guitar belonging to Om Iwan which was owned since they were still renting a house in Bintaro was again cleaned and used for recording.

Iwan Fals is a milestone marker of the times. That’s what the music producer for this album, Lafa Pratomo, who became the tandem of Rambu Cikal, Om Iwan’s second child, said in producing this new album. The two of them laid the foundations and roots that determined the concept, concocting sounds, concocting notes and choosing anyone who had a strong compound to fill the guest vocals and the musicians involved in the material for this 12-song album.

“There is the song ‘Bunga Kayu’ from 1995 which I wrote while anxiously waiting for Galang to come home, or the song ‘A Genteng’ which I wrote in 2014 when the new President was elected. The rest are new songs created in 2020 and several other songwriters.”

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Invite Preferred Music Producers and Arrangers

Iwan Fals has often been a music producer for songs and albums in his career. However, there is always a period of time when Om Iwan invites various selected producers and music directors. Starting from the names Willy Soemantri, Bagoes AA, Ian Antono, Billy J. Budiardjo until now Lafa Pratomo and Rambu Cikal. This is what makes albums me too to be special in Iwan Fals album catalog.

Seven songs composed by Iwan Fals, ‘Congratulations’, ‘A Tile’, ‘Bunga Kayu’, ‘Kabar Aroma Tanah’, ‘Entertainment of the Heart’, ‘For you’, and ‘Red and White’. The other three songs were each composed by the following three people. Lafa Pratomo, ‘Pun’, Dimas Wijaksana, ‘Who says love hurts?’. And Enda from Purple, ‘Broken’. Two songs were written by Iwan Fals with Sandrayati Fay, ’16/01′ and Rambu Cikal, ‘Aku’.

Story In Song

Single first album me too this is selected song ’16/01′ written and performed together Sandrayati Fay. Iwan Fals and Sandrayati Fay chattered and sang in response to the current conditions. When the pandemic comes and the impact is felt in every home, community groups are still divided because of political differences, about injustice and of course still about love.

The song ‘Red and White’ which became single both releases coincided on August 17, 2021 to commemorate the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. The song dedicated to Indonesia is a reminder that we are a strong country, we can do it. “Red and white my blood and bones. It won’t fade with time…”

The most sincere and warmest prayers and hopes for Iwan Fals’ closest people when celebrating his birthday became the theme for the lyrics of the song ‘Congratulations’ which was chosen as the single third on album me too this. This song feels majestic with Aldi Nada Permana’s string arrangement. The music video was done nicely by taking private corners at the residence of Iwan Fals. The happy laughter of the Iwan Fals, Rosana, Cikal and Raya families in the living room opened an old shabby album.

photo of the late Anarchy Signs hanging on the wall, as if staring at this family. “The world is just dropping by. The glitter is dazzling. After all, it’s finally gone. Become a painting, become a song. Become a poem, become a story. And then it was all gone…”

The presence of singers across generations and genres

The presence of female singers’ names from different generations and genres manages to captivate each song, making this album so fresh and crispy with the vocal menu dishes being the highlight of the album. signature each guest musician. Just listen to ‘A Tile’ which with delicious country intake feels right with its presence Miss Ria. danilla can invite Iwan Fals to unite magically, mysteriously and darkly in ‘Entertainment of the Heart’ which was successfully formulated by Lafa Pratomo and Rambu Cikal.

Feel the song ‘For you’ how Iwan Fals can melt into the world Nadin Amizah shady. This song reminds Iwan Fals of a long time ago when his parents invited him to eat in the Gondangdia area, Jakarta. Little Iwan Fals questioned why he was born? Why is he in this world? This song has lyrics ‘My opponent, my friend, my brother, my family… even me’. me too then agreed to be the complete package of the title of this album.

The presence of the sound of the harp being played Maya Hasan and vowels Rara Sekar in the song ‘Bunga Kayu’ managed to make an old song written by Iwan Fals decades ago into one of his favorite songs. Compositions that can be used as music therapy through the choice of the frequency of the notes that are soaring and contemplative.

Meanwhile, ‘Kabar Aroma Tanah’, which was written by Om Iwan in Jonggol after the rain, was solemn with an acoustic guitar wrapped in it. sound which reminds Iwan Fals album No title.

Pop colors with the right amount of production are poured by Iwan Fals in 2 other songs on this album, namely ‘Who Says Love Hurts?’ written by Dimas Wijaksana from the Youth Idola Association and ‘Patah’ which was written by Enda from Ungu and co-produced by Pay Burman.

Hope Album Iwan Fals me too

Indrawati Widjaja from Musica Studio’s hopes that this album will be well received by Iwan Fals fans. “We leave all the creative processes to Cikal, Lafa and Iwan Fals. Hopefully this album can become a well-received friend in Indonesian music at this difficult time.”

For Rambu Cikal, he hopes that people who hear this album will remember Iwan Fals with his guitar, being a samurai, with sharp lyrics, inseparable. A unified whole.

This album was born when a pandemic hit the earth. The recording process is carried out in various locations with differences in distance and time. Drain emotions and hearts.

“I hope this album can be a provision to face the reality. To be a medicine, a reminder, a reflection, and a living supplement for us human beings who are undergoing a severe ordeal for almost two years due to the pandemic. We are facing this together, you are not alone,” said Om Iwan. me too will be a marker of the times, the recorder of an era when humanity unites in one frequency of sorrow, pain, loss and sorrow.

But through the songs and lyrics contained in me too, Om Iwan invites us to continue to live the hope. Remembering and gratitude and praying to God has been given health. Ignite the fire of the spirit of life to keep moving.

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me too which became Om Iwan’s 42nd album has been officially released on September 3, 2021 through Musica Studio’s, to coincide with the celebration of Om Iwan’s 60th year. Congratulations Uncle Iwan, I wish you good health, long life.

Iwan Fals - even I'm the artwork

Author: Adib Hidayat
Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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