Malacca Regency Government, NTT Province Visits Badung – 1NEWS

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Regional Secretary of Badung Regency I Wayan Adi Arnawa received a Working Visit (Kunker) of the Regent of Malacca, NTT Province, Simon Nahak with his staff at Puspem Badung, Monday (6/9). The group of 15 people was received in one of the meeting rooms of the Badung Regent’s office, accompanying the Head of Culture I Gede Sudarwitha.
Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa said on behalf of the Badung Regency Government to welcome and thank you for your presence and visit in Badung Regency. The Regional Secretary hopes that this gathering will be the beginning of a close kinship as children of the Indonesian nation.

Said to be a graduate of a well-known university in Bali and having lived in Bali, of course the Regent of Malacca has a deep feeling in his heart about the customs in Bali.

“With regard to customs, as the Regent of Malacca knows, we in the Badung Regency Government certainly carry out the standards, perarem and awig-awig of the local community with local genius which are implemented and used as guidelines into clear and definite rules and legislation to be accepted. by the local community in Badung,” he explained.

It is explained that a traditional village is a unit of customary law community in Bali that has territory, position, original structure, traditional rights, own assets, traditions of community life manners from generation to generation in the bonds of sacred places (kahyangan three or kahyangan desa).


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