Many Indonesian teenagers waved, Denny blamed TV and KPI: Boycott!

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Saipul Jamil

Social media activist Denny Zulfikar Siregar called for a boycott of TV. This is the aftermath of his anxiety to see the rise of young Indonesian boys who are joking, waving later.

He admitted that he couldn’t understand why TV seemed to provide a wide space for waving artists who had no achievements but sold sensations. Moreover, they then transmit bad effects to teenagers and viewers in Indonesia.

“The pain is because of our television propaganda, which since the release of public frequencies, they are like predators who continue to justify various means for money. Because of this liberality (of content), many alien artists have emerged who have no talent other than selling sensations,” said Denny as quoted by Cokro TV, Tuesday, September 8, 2021.

The call for a TV boycott by Denny Siregar was also motivated by the appearance of Saipul Jamil on public channels. He was so irritated that child molesters were greeted like heroes after being released, regardless of the victim’s feelings.

“Doesn’t it hurt? Yes, it hurts, on the side of the brain. How come pedophile prisoners are greeted like heroes? Saipul Jamil is also sick, there is nothing to be ashamed of, he is proud, even though he has just been released from prison for an obscenity case,” he said.

Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: Lightning

TV boycott is the solution

The most annoying thing, said Denny, is that he, the perpetrator, got a contract with many TV stations competing to invite him for ratings and money.

“I myself do not understand what is so great about Saipul Jamil that he is being paraded in such a way. I think yesterday, who were paraded and draped with flowers on top of the car were athletes, either fencers or kickballs,” he said.

On that occasion, he then mentioned the moral death of TV stations. They present Saipul Jamil without ever trying to pay attention to the feelings of the victim, who may still be hiding out of shame.

He also mentioned the number of TV shows that seemed far from moral and only concerned with advertising. It’s different when TV is still controlled by TVRI, where the shows that are presented are always educational.

“Unlike today’s TV shows, there is a lot of garbage. Many children are now waving because many idols are waving who appear more and more unhealthy,” he said.

Illustration of watching television.  Photo: Glenn Cartens Peters at Unsplash
Illustration of watching television. Photo: Glenn Cartens Peters at Unsplash

Indeed, so far there is a role for the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI). However, the spur was never seen. They have never censored trash shows that have absolutely no value to the public.

Call it like an artist’s wedding impressions for hours. Even if they act, only a reprimand will lead to heeding. “Then what is the solution, boycott TV shows. Now there are many free channels, we don’t have to watch TV,” he said.

So far, advertising spending has begun to fade as people’s behavior changes to digital. Therefore, he estimates, morally damaging TV shows will not last for the next 5 to 10 years.

“And the TV industry is now digging its own grave.”

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