Mediation Failed, Trial for Divorce Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono Continues Witness Statement

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1NEWS, There was no end to an agreement in mediation, because the defendant Tyas Mirasih was never present at the trial for the divorce suit filed by her husband, Raiden Soedjono at the South Jakarta Religious Court (PA).

The mediation agenda in the divorce trial between Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono did not run as it should.

This is because the two principals, in this case Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono, have failed to reach an agreement three times during mediation in court.

Therefore, the trial will continue with the agenda of witness statements from the plaintiff and the defendant. Meanwhile, next Sunday, the agenda for the trial is to submit witnesses from Raiden Soedjono’s side.

“Yes (the mediation failed because there was no agreement). Mediation cannot continue. But it will continue next week. We will present witnesses,” said Raiden Soedjono’s lawyer, Bernard Pasaribu when met at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Monday (6/9/2021). ).

According to Bernard, at the upcoming trial, it is certain that Tyas Mirasih will not be present in the courtroom.

Meanwhile Raiden Soedjono will continue to attend the divorce trial until the judge decides.

“It will not be present (Tyas Mirasih). From Tyas’s side, it has been declared that he has left, because he is not present,” said Bernard.

In addition, regarding the witness who will be presented from Raiden Soedjono’s side, Bernard has not been able to explain his identity. Because of his client, Raiden is still studying which witnesses are eligible to appear.


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