MS Victims of Sexual Harassment at KPI Still Experience Psychological Disorders

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ACCURATE.CO An employee of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) with the initials MS underwent a psychological health check at the Police Hospital, East Jakarta, Monday (6/9/2021) morning.

He is scheduled to take a psychological health test to find out the current condition of the alleged victim of sexual harassment from his co-worker since 2012. The test was conducted to determine the current condition of MS.

At the Police Hospital, MS was accompanied by two attorneys who began handling his case on September 4, 2021. They were Rony E Hutahaean and Reinhard R Silaban. They visited the hospital in Kramat Jati at around 09.00 WIB. MS was then examined at the Visum and Medicolegal Center at 10.30 WIB.

“So, we received an invitation from the Central Jakarta Police for further examination of the psychological health examination of MS victims, as our clients, to the Police Hospital today,” said Rony before escorting MS to the examination room.

Rony said that his party did not know whether the examination that day would be used as evidence or instructions for investigating the case. However, his party will respect every invitation and examination agenda from the police, even though MS is still psychologically disturbed.

“From our client’s statement this morning, his condition is still disturbed psychologically. Symptoms experienced, there are digestive disorders and not concentrating on doing something or work. His wife has given special attention to MS,” he said.

Regarding the handling of the case at the Central Jakarta Metro Police, Rony admitted that he had coordinated with the Central Jakarta Police investigators. He said the police had investigated five perpetrators who were reported as victims of alleged bullying and sexual harassment.

“We have a message and hope, we also thank the investigators for the legal process carried out in a marathon. If later based on the available information and evidence, the reported person will immediately be made a suspect and detained,” he said.

The plan, on Tuesday (7/9/2022) today, MS will visit the office of the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM). Komnas HAM had invited MS on Friday last week, but MS could not attend for health reasons. At Komnas HAM, MS will be questioned regarding his testimony which went viral on Wednesday last week. []


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