Now Embracing Islam, Jonathan Frizzy Is Known To Change His Faith For Dhena Devanka | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – As is known, the handsome actor Jonathan Frizzy previously converted to Christianity. Even his marriage to Dhena Devanka on May 27, 2012 was carried out in a Christian manner, with the implementation at the church.

But who would have thought, the latest soap opera actor who is familiarly called Ijonk has changed his beliefs for the sake of his beloved wife.

This fact was revealed by Ijonk’s uncle, Benny Simanjuntak through uploading a video on his personal Instagram account, Sunday (5/9/2021).

“Ijonk left the Lord Jesus and his family for you (Dhena). Remember, for your sake,” said Benny Simanjuntak about proving his nephew’s love for Dhena, reported by

Benny himself, frankly admitted that he did not like the figure of his nephew’s wife. Even from the start of marriage.

“I want to tell you that there are several reasons why I don’t like Ijonk’s wife. One is because of religion, I don’t care because actually all religions are the same, we belong to God Almighty. Ijonk has a strong religion, he can also have a strong religious family with his family,” he explained.

For the cause of the rift in his nephew’s household that led to a divorce suit, Benny prefers to remain silent. However, his nephew is said to have been under pressure from his marriage to Dhena.

“Why can he now turn away? Yes because you press. Then you want him under your arm, you are in control, you can’t do that, someone has patience,” he said firmly.

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