PKS Legislator Denies 21 Billion Budget Result of Agreement between DPR and Ministry of Religion

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1NEWS, Member of Commission VIII DPR RI, Bukhori Yusuf, denied the statement by Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas regarding the Rp 21.7 billion hajj cancellation socialization budget which was the result of an agreement between the Ministry of Religion and Commission VIII of the DPR RI. According to Bukhari, the unilateral claim is not correct.

“The budget value is fantastic for a hajj cancellation socialization activity, in addition to the Ministry of Religion’s priority program which does not include a detailed explanation of its designation,” said Bukhori in a written statement, Tuesday (7/9/2021).

He said, one of the impacts of Law no. 2 of 2020 is that it is possible for changes to the APBN to be regulated only by a Presidential Regulation (Perpres) even though it constitutionally affirms the authority of the DPR.

To note, the government has issued Presidential Regulation No. 72 of 2020 to revise Presidential Regulation No. 54 of 2020 concerning Changes in the Posture of the 2020 State Budget. The government argues that this legal umbrella was formed to accommodate the increasing need for state spending for handling the pandemic and recovering the national economy.

In addition, this Presidential Regulation is referred to as a legal umbrella for the outlook for increasing the deficit in the 2020 Fiscal Year APBN, which previously had a deficit of 5.07 percent of GDP as in the old Presidential Regulation, then increased to 6.34 percent of GDP.

“The PKS faction is the only faction in parliament that rejects the Perppu Covid which was later ratified into Law No. 2 of 2020. One of the considerations, we are worried about the management of people’s money which is carried out unilaterally by the government without strict supervision by the DPR as the people’s representative because of the authority to manage public money. we were amputated through the law,” he said.

This member of the Legislative Body of the DPR RI admitted that he was not surprised when the Minister of Religion unilaterally claimed that the budget allocation of Rp.

According to Bukhari, it was just lip service, because the Ministry of Religion can still execute the budget without even agreeing with the DPR.

“It means, I need to clarify, that it is not appropriate if the budget item submitted by the Ministry of Religion is the result of an agreement with Commission VIII of the DPR,” he concluded.


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