Ridho DA disappointed that he failed to marry: 80 percent preparations have been made

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RIdho DA photo: Voice

Ridho DA admitted that he had canceled his marriage on the date he wanted.

Dangdut singer Ridho DA is rumored to be marrying his girlfriend Syifa. This news seems sudden because he and his girlfriend have never been seen slapping affection in public.

Ridho and Syifa claimed to have met in November 2020 last year and finally agreed to tie the knot in marriage. There is an interesting experience that Ridho told about his efforts to marry his lover. He said he had failed to marry a lover on the date he wanted.

Initially, Rizki DA’s twin wanted to marry Syifa on October 10, 2021, which means the wedding date will be 10.10.21. However, this failed to materialize because the location of the building was full.

“So it’s great, it’s full. So shifted. What date will it be,” said Ridho, expressing his disappointment.

Preparation reaches 80 percent

Rizki DA and Ridho DA.  Photo: IDN Times
Rizki DA and Ridho DA. Photo: IDN Times

Even though he didn’t get the date he wanted, Ridho admitted that he was still running the preparations for his wedding. The process is going well, Ridho just has to make sure whether the concept fits Syifa’s side or not.

“Thank God it’s 80 percent. So Ridho wants to go there too, meetings and others. So what do you want to do with it? So far, it’s a picture, just make sure,” he said, quoted by the squid YouTube page, Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

Ridho also revealed that he already had a definite concept for his marriage. If there is no change from Syifa’s side, the concept will go according to what Ridho had planned.

“If there is no change, I want it to be like a wedding concert. So there must be lighting of all kinds. But don’t invite all kinds of friends too much,” explained Ridho.

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