The Eyes of a Boy Who Wanted to Be Used as Materials for His Parents’ Prayers Can Still Be Restored | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – It turns out that there is still hope for AP, a 6-year-old boy who is a victim of black magic practices or the magic of his parents, uncles, and grandparents.

His right eye, which was a victim of pesugihan sacrifice, can still return to normal, according to an ophthalmologist at the Sheikh Yusuf Hospital, Gowa Regency, Yusuf.

“If we see that the cornea is good, the main thing is that the pathway for light to enter is safe, there is no problem. Only the white ones are torn and can grow back,” said Dr. Yusuf, reported by

Furthermore, the wound on the white of the victim’s eye was 360 degrees.

“So the white part of the eye was torn 360 degrees, but the black part of the eye is still good, there is no problem,” said Dr. Yusuf.

“The upper part of the eye can be repaired but what is brought can’t be done, but God willing, it can grow again quickly,” he continued.

For the recovery process itself, Dr. Yusuf said, it took a long process. Because of this, he invites all parties, especially those closest to the victim, to pray for and support the victim so that his eyes and mental health can recover.

“We pray that this child is in good mental condition, then physically his eyes are good and he can see again,” the doctor hoped.

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