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One of the cultural heritages from the ancestors of the Indonesian nation that is still well preserved to this day is the martial art of pencak silat. The existence of pencak silat can be said to have been around for a long time in the country. Even long before the independence of the Indonesian nation.

Currently, there are many pencak silat schools in Indonesia. It is not only known domestically, even some pencak silat universities are also respected abroad. One of the most popular martial arts schools in Indonesia is the Setia Hati Tunas Muda Winongo Brotherhood (PSHW). Here is a further review of this one pencak silat.

The history of the establishment of the Setia Hati pencak silat

It is Ki Ngabehi Surodiwirjo, or commonly called Eyang Suro, as the creator of the martial arts Setia Hati. He was born in 1869 and has traveled around Indonesia as a clerk. During that tour, he learned a lot of martial arts and mysticism from several teachers he had met.

The noble teachings of the Brotherhood of Faithful Heart, Tunas Muda Winongo [sumber gambar]

On 10 Muharram 1903, Grandmother Suro founded a college called Sedulur Tunggal Kecer with his pencak name Djojo Gendilo Tjipto Muljo. Then in 1914, Grandmother Suro worked in a railway repair shop in Madiun. There he married a Madiun man and lived in Winongo. In 1917, he changed the name of Sedulur Tunggal Kecer to Persaudaraan Setia Hati.

Two different streams from the same teacher

Over time, one of Eyang Suro’s students, Ki Hardjar Hardjo Oetomo, founded a new college which was named the Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood. Even though they are different, the two Padepokan are under the same teacher, Grandmother Suro.

Two Monuments of the Faithful Brotherhood Padepokan in Madiun [sumber gambar]

Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood was founded in 1992 outside the village of Winongo. The silat moves they teach are still rooted in the teachings of Grandmother Suro. Meanwhile, the Setia Hati Tunas Muda Winongo Brotherhood continues to practice the teachings of Eyang Suro and has been established around the 1960s as an independent group.

The advantages of PSHW teachings

Each pencak silat hermitage has its signature moves. Likewise, the Setia Hati Brotherhood has at least 43 moves, 13 double strokes, 13 double kicks, and 19 complete pairs. Each level increase, each member must pass the exam, starting from memorizing the moves and continuing or competing with the teacher.

The world’s noble teachings [sumber gambar]

Not only relying on self-defense movements, PSHW also teaches the science of cultivating the body as well as the mind, in order to achieve nobility of mind. In addition, in order to get the perfection of life, happiness, and inner and outer prosperity in this world and the hereafter. This was stated by R. Agus Wijono Santosa, General Chairperson of the Setia Hati Tunas Muda Winongo Brotherhood.

PSHW’s Achievements

PSHW has made quite a number of achievements. Starting from the silat match in the KONI Cup Natuna event in 2011. Through the HIMSI event, PSHW came out second and third at the Siliwangi combined silat college.

The action of members of Padepokan Pencak Silat Faithful Hati Tunas Muda Winongo [sumber gambar]

In addition to domestic achievements, PSHW was also quite brilliant in the POMSEAN XVII event which was held in Malaysia. Until there are many other achievements that have been owned by the Setia Hati Tunas Muda Winongoi Brotherhood.

PSHW that continues to grow

The Loyal Heart Tunas Muda Winongo Brotherhood continues to develop. The university, which is located at Jalan Doho 123, Winongo Village, Madiun City, already has memberships to foreign countries, such as the Netherlands and France.

Winongo’s Loyal Heart Brotherhood Logo [sumber gambar]

Until now, the teachings of PSHW have turned into a physical as well as spiritual organization that is quite influential in the city of Madiun. Even the number of members to reach 1.7 million people and continues to grow. Every year routinely holds Suran Agung and Halal Bihalal.

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Apart from the Faithful Heart Brotherhood of Tunas Muda Winongo Padepokan, there are many other pencak silat schools spread across Indonesia. Although modern technology is developing quite rapidly, they have not forgotten the basic teachings of their ancestors, namely being close to God. Even so, several other modern teachings are still in harmony with current conditions, so they are not considered out of date.

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