The mastermind is not Maia Estianty, SMS containing Mak-ian from Ahmad Dhani Makes Irwan Mussry’s wife explode: I’m not his wife anymore!

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Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani’s 2008 divorce was not smooth. This could be the reason that Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani never got along. Fourteen years have passed, the conflict between Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani is still burning.

The hostility between this ex-couple has become an open secret. Later, Ahmad Dhani even said that Maia Estianty was living in an image. This is the umpteenth time that Ahmad Dhani has openly lashed out at Maia Estianty.

Previously, Maia Estianty had also received the same treatment because of Dul ​​Jaelani’s actions. At that time, Maia Estianty’s cellphone was full of SMS containing c-acts from Ahmad Dhani.

Launching the news on the 11 September 2014 edition of NOVA via Grid.ID, anger has exploded in Maia Estianty’s head. The reason is Ahmad Dhani’s attitude, which is said to continue to abuse him.

Ahmad Dhani’s annoyance at being called Maia Estianty started when Dul ran away from his father’s house. The problem is, Dul ran away from his father’s house and ran to Maia Estianty’s house.

Maia Estianty said that she had never encouraged Dul to do such a reckless thing. However, Ahmad Dhani accused him of compromising his own children to run away from home.

“Isn’t it peaceful, ever since Dul moved into my house, he thinks I’m the mastermind.” said Maia Estianty. As a result, Maia Estianty was immediately abused by Ahmad Dhani via SMS.

“Until I was sent a bad sms. So, yes, I was angry there,” he continued. Ahmad Dhani’s actions clearly offended Maia Estianty, who was clearly not his wife anymore.

Maia Estianty feels insulted to be accused of being accused of something she didn’t even do. “I’m offended. I’m not his wife anymore, please don’t insult me ​​via sms, “said Maia Estianty.

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Maia Estianty admitted that she was disappointed with Ahmad Dhani’s attitude, which did not seem to respect him.

“That should be respectful. As long as he’s not nice to me, I don’t want to be nice either,” complained Maia Estianty.

“I don’t feel threatened, but I don’t want to be harassed because I’m not his wife anymore,” he concluded.


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