The meaning of the name Abidzar, inspired by the figure of the best friend of the Prophet

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the meaning of the name Abidzar

Abidzar is one of the recommended Islamic names given to babies. This name has a beautiful meaning and is the name of one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Then, what is the meaning and meaning of the name Abidzar?

The meaning of the name Abidzar

Abidzar itself is a name that comes from Arabic which is generally written with Arabic letters ابى (abidzar) or ابوذر (abudzar). This name is famous because it is the name of one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, namely Abidzar Al-Ghifari.

The name Abidzar itself does not have a specific meaning. The name consists of two words, namely ابى (abi) which means father / father and (dzar). He was called that because he had a son named Dzar. In short, Abidzar means the father of a child named Dzar.

However, if you look in the Arabic dictionary, there is another way to spell the name Abidzar, namely with ار (abiizaar), the word is a derivative of the word (ibriizaa), which is one of the Arabic words for “gold”.

the meaning of the name Abidzar

Abidzar is a popular name in the Arabian Peninsula and Muslim-majority countries. This name is generally given to baby boys. As a name, Abidzar symbolizes the example of the companions of the Prophet, Abidzar Al-Ghifari, namely kindness, sacrifice, the search for truth, and compassion for fellow human beings.

This name also means gold which philosophically symbolizes courage and virtue. Children who have this name are expected to have the courage to face the world and all the problems that exist in it. He will also have virtue as part of the wisdom that produces harmony in life.

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The figure of Abidzar Al-Ghifari, a friend of the Prophet

the meaning of the name Abidzar

Abidzar Al-Ghifari was a friend of the Prophet who came from the Ghifar tribe. He used to be a robber before converting to Islam. The Ghifar tribe is a tribe famous for their cruelty as robbers in Arab land.

Even so, Abidzar basically has a kind heart and high empathy. He is always restless when he falls victim to a robbery committed by his tribe.

When he heard about the emergence of the peaceful religion of Islam, Abidzar, who had longed for the truth, did not hesitate to immediately meet the Prophet Muhammad who was in Mecca at that time.

The meaning of the name Abidzar, inspired by the figure of the best friend of the Prophet

He then declared his Islam when he first met the Prophet Muhammad. Although his actions made him hostile to his tribe, Abidzar did this with a sincere heart.

Abidzar’s most striking virtue compared to other companions was that he was famous for devoting his life to serving the poor and needy. In fact, this has actually been done since he was a robber. He only robbed the rich and distributed his wealth to the poor.

After converting to Islam, Abidzar gave up the habit of robbing him. He then served and loved the poor and the underprivileged in a good way according to Islamic teachings.

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Inspiration for Abidzar Names and Meanings

The meaning of the name Abidzar, inspired by the figure of the best friend of the Prophet

1. Galil Rafqa Abidzar

Meaning: Friends Who Have Glory Like Gold

  • Galil (Arabic) means noble, excellent, honorable, important
  • Rafqa (Arabic) from the word Rafiq which means friend, friend, friend, colleague
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold

2. Mirza Abidzar Nabil

Meaning: Prince Who Has a Great Soul Like Gold

  • Mirza (Persian) means prince
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold
  • Nabil (Arabic) means big-hearted, generous, role model

3. Rihan Abidzar Arkan

Meaning: The Golden Wind That Symbolizes Freedom

  • Rihan (Arabic) means wind, breath, bayu
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold
  • Arkan (Uyghur) means free, independent, wide, relieved

4. Murad Nadir Abidzar

Meaning: Ideals That Are As Precious As Gold

  • Murad (Arabic) means desire, intention, goal, intent, aspiration
  • Nadir (Urdu) means precious, noble, beautiful
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold

5. Abidzar Ikram Bisyra

Meaning: Bringer of Joy and Glory Like Gold

  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold
  • Ikram (Arabic) means noble
  • Bishra (Arabic) means joy, joy, joy, joy

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6. Zain Abidzar Izaldin

Meaning: Beauty is Like Gold and Glory in Religion

  • Zain (Arabic) means beautiful, good, graceful
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold
  • Izaldin (Arabic) means the glory of religion from the word izza means glory and din means religion

7. Gamal Naqi Abidzar

Meaning: Beauty and Purity Like Gold

  • Gamal (Arabic) means beauty, beauty, beauty
  • Naqi (Arabic) means pure, clear, clear, fresh, clean
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold

8. Kahlil Saffi Abidzar

Meaning: Good Friends Who Have Sincerity Like Gold

  • Kahlil (Arabic) from the word khalil means friend, friend, lover. The name of the famous poet Kahlil Gibran
  • Saffi (Arabic) means sincere friend, good friend
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold

9. Isqa Nazyan Abidzar

Meaning: Spirit and Humility That Shine Like Gold

  • Isqa (Urdu) means passion, passion
  • Nazyan (Urdu) means shy, humble, heart, hidden
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold

10. Qavi Abidzar Navid

Meaning: A Promise That Is Solid Like Gold

  • Qavi (Urdu) means firm, strong
  • Abidzar (Arabic) means gold
  • Navid (Persian) means promise, pledge


Parents, that’s the meaning of the name Abidzar along with the recommendations for the series for the baby. May your little one grow up with good qualities according to the name he bears, yes.

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