Tissa Biani Asks for Shireen Sungkar’s Blessing, What’s Up?

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1NEWSTissa Biani is believed to star in Cinta Fitri the Series which will be broadcast online through the Over-The-Top (OTT) service on various digital platforms. Tissa will play the character of Fitri, a girl who is oppressed in pursuit of her love.

As is known, the soap opera Cinta Fitri, which aired for approximately four years, since 2007 was phenomenal in its time. The popularity of Cinta Fitri is also undeniable thanks to the actors and actresses who study the characters in soap operas. Moreover, the main character, Fitri, played by Shireen Sungkar, was able to touch the hearts of her loyal audience.

So attached Love Fitri with Shireen Sungkar, Tissa Biani who played in Cinta Fitri The Series also asked for permission and unity from Teuku Wisnu’s wife. This was revealed by Tissa through her upload on Instagram some time ago.

They met at the wedding reception of Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora. The moment can also be seen on The Sungkar’s Family youtube channel. Tissa was seen directly approaching Shireen and then invited her to chat among the many guests present at the reception.

In the caption column of his upload, the lover of Dul ​​Jaelani asked for the blessing of Shireen Sungkar to continue his struggle as Fitri. “Fitri 2007 – Fitri 2021, please bless @shireensungkar to continue your struggle,” wrote Tissa Biani on her Instagram account, @tissabiani some time ago.

In an upload on Instagram, Tissa Biani posted a photo with Shireen Sungkar in several different poses. Shireen who is wearing a gray hijab and beige dress looks happy to meet her lover Dul Jaelani.

Cinta Fitri, produced by MD Entertainment, which was broadcast on SCTV at that time, became one of the Indonesian soap operas that recorded the history of broadcast hours, which was 7 seasons with a total of 1002 episodes. In addition, ‘Cinta Fitri’ received many awards which were very proud.

No wonder this soap opera was then remade with a serial edition. In ‘Cinta Fitri The Series’ this time, Tissa Biani will be the main character and accompanied by Rizky Nazar as Farrell.

See Tissa Biani ask for blessing as Fitri, will her fate be the same as Shireen Sungkar who also filled the soundtrack for ‘Cinta Fitri The Series’? Even many ‘Cinta Fitri’ fans and Tissa fans are expecting it. Stay tuned for further news from MD Entertainment and MD Music.


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